Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Fees and Services:

The tour costs  $999 per passenger, double occupancy.  For single supplement, please add $390.   This includes airfare up to $400, land transo\portation, lodging, and entrance to most site. Also included is the travel host Dr. Anaya. Airfare aAbove that will require a surcharge.  Should the tour not make for lack of interest or other reason owing to the fault of the tour operator, all monies will be refunded, except those for airfare.  The ticket is yours upon payment.

To make reservations, please email SGlass8404@aol.com or call 386 314-0745. In addition, print out the box below, sign and date the Terms and Liability Waiver section and send a check for $400 per passenger. Your reservation will not be made until waiver is returned. Payment by PayPal is acceptable. The ticket is yours upon paymen.


A $400 per passenger deposit is required when you commit to the tour. An additional $200 is required by August 11 (or $600 by this date).

On September 11, the final payment for double occupancy.

October 11, the balance due for single supplement.

Itinerary is subject to change owing to any number of reasons.

Make check to Steve Glassman LLC.


Refund Policy:

Until August 1, all but $100 per passenger of monies for land-based fees and services will be returned.  

Note:  Because of the fairly high number of unforeseen crises that have arisen to passengers and potential passengers, passengers are encouraged to take out travel-protection insurance should accidents, family emergencies, medical problems and the like arise.   Your local insurance or travel agent may be able to assist. In no case will  steveglassman LLC bear the responsibility for these emergencies.

Liability Waiver: Travel is inherently risky. This is especially true in instances where passengers contract with third-parties for adventure tours in third-world countries. By signing below, the signers agree to the terms and condition in this document and agree that the signer(s)  waives the right to hold Steve Glassman or anyone in his employ (or assisting him) responsible for any injury to persons or property.

By signing below, I (we) agree to the terms specified in this document including the waiving of liability as noted in the paragraph above.

Date: ______________


Name: __________________________


Date: ______________


Name: __________________________


Print this box, sign, and return with the initial payment of $300 per pax. Make payment to Steve Glassman Tours LLC.  Mail remittance to 207 Frances Drive, Edgewater FL 32132.

In case of emergency, third party contact info:

Name(s)                                                                   Relation: 

Email address(es)__________________________ Phone number(s):



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