The Pyramid and the Cross Tour --December 8-15, 2015

Our host for this tour:

Dr. Armando Anaya

Dr. Anaya will conduct us as we explore


     --the old and new Campeche

     --the Feast of Guadeloupe as celebrated in Campeche

     --the Church in Campeche and the Yucatan and how it influenced the local folks and vice versa.





Our hotel in Campeche:  Latin charm, modern convenience.                                                                                    

   Dec. 8. Arrive Cancun by direct Jet Blue flight 1713 from Orlando.  Transfer to Merida. Spend the evening

 in the charming capital of Yucatan state.

Dec. 9. Begin with a tour of Merida and then go to the site of Acaneceh, a textbook example of the church's influence on the  Maya. Lunch at a fine restaurant and examine the colossal monastery at Mani, the home of Bishop Landa. Arrive in Campeche.

Dec. 10 Start the day with a tour of Campeche including one of the outlying forts. 

See the old Campeche, left below, and the new Campeche, below.










Dec. 11. Visit Hopelchen. Return early for the folk celebration of the Feast of Guadaloupe.

Dec. 12. Celebrate the Feast of Guadeloupe (or free time to walk the malecon or explore the city) in the morning.  Lunch on seafood at Champoton and tour a restored  hacienda    

Dec.13. Sound and light show.



     Dec. 14. Tour Uxmal and Itzamal. Spend the night in Valladolid.

Dec. 15. return to Orlando by direct Jet Blue Flight 1714 flight from Cancun.    
Cost of Tour:    $999 per passenger, double occupancy.  

For single supplement, please add $390.   

Included are airfare up to $350, land transportation, lodging, 

and entrance to most sites visited as a group. Also included 

is the travel host Dr. Anaya. 

To make reservations, please email or call 386 314-0745.



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