I am including here sites I have found useful to me and which you may find useful too.  As you can see, my links are a bit eclectic.  Some deal with mystery fiction, others with other things.  In terms of organizations, I have found the Mystery Writers of America to be the best professional organization I have ever paid dues to.  Their newsletter is chockfull of useful information, and even more helpful is the local Florida MWA chapter and newsletter.  If you are even thinking about writing a mystery novel, join up forthwith.  A couple of the sites listed here have links that make them valuable.   I think Elaine Vietsís novels are charming and witty; check out The Big Sleep mystery bookstore on her links page.  It has the url of just about any mystery writer you can think of.  Poison Pen also has oodles of mystery links.  Murder on Miami Beach has a good section on Florida crime writers.  The Joyce Carol Oates piece on  Raymond Chandler and the detective genre in general was first published in the New York Review, and posed on the web by the USIS (US Information Service) on the condition it could not be reprinted in the US.  For that reason, it gives me a certain amount of glee to give its website.  (FYI, the USIS is prohibited from US publication to insure its propaganda does not contaminate the US electorate.  I thought you might be amused to learn at least one government agency is barred from corrupting the body politic in our country.) The writers I include below are favorites of mine.  If you donít know them already, you might want to check out their work.


Mystery Writers of America

Poison Pen Bookstore

Murder On Miami Beach Bookstore  

Joyce Carol Oates NYR piece on the noir genre:

Florida College English Association


Here are some of my favorite mystery writers:  

Charles Willeford

Tim Dorsey

Stuart Kaminsky

John Lutz

Les Standiford

Ed Gorman

Elaine Viets

Elmore Leonard

Barbara Parker

Loren D. Estleman:

Max Allan Collins:  

Carolina Aguilera-Garcia

Dirk Wyle


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