The "Maya Explorer" of the title refers to John Lloyd Stephens, 1805-1852,  who is universally regarded as the man, more than any other, who brought the lost civilization of the Maya to the attention of the greater world.  My book is in essence a travel book that follows on the heels of one of the greatest American travel writers ever. The last paragraph of the review  in American Archaeology says, "Author Steve Glassman retraces Stephens' route, visiting the same Maya ruins, Spanish colonial towns, markets, and churches, many of them hardly changed in the 170 years since Stephens and Catherwood visited.  Intertwining history, anthropology, and the environment, Glassman presents a wonderful tale of Stephens' adventure and his own.  This is a fun and informative book for lovers of Mesoamerica who are drawn to the mysteries of the ancient and modern Maya."  See for yourself if you agree with American Archaeology's assessment.  Here are the book's first two chapter. Click here for the  Preface or click here for Chapter One

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Editors' Picks   Archaeology Magazine Volume 57 Number 1, January/February 2004


  Novelist Steve Glassman retraces the voyages of nineteenth-century lawyer and explorer John Lloyd Stephens through the Yucatán in On the Trail of the Maya Explorer: Tracing the Epic Journey of John Lloyd Stephens (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2003; $29.95). Stephens' classic account of his explorations--Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatán, considered a masterpiece of nineteenth-century nonfiction--introduced the ancient Maya to the larger world. Glassman borrows liberally from Stephen's 200-year-old observations and modern scholarship, giving heft to his own compelling travel narrative.


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